Everything you need to know for your first Bali holiday!



Under the heading of Beer, Wine and Spirits, I will endeavour to give you a general run down of what is available for you to swallow and where to get it.

Surprisingly, the first drink I want to bring to your attention is water, yep water and it is very important to drink plenty of it if you are not familiar with living in tropical conditions like you will experience in Bali. The first few days is vital to your wellbeing by keeping up a good intake of water. Not only is water good to swim in, shower, or flushing the toilet it is also a very refreshing drink when there is nothing better to have.

On a more serious note, do not drink Bali scheme water because it is only good for giving you Bali belly and flushing the toilet.

You will find any amount of pure spring/mineral water bottled for consumption and available in every restaurant and most shops. The cheapest places to stock up on water are Circle K mini marts and Supermarkets. Hotels and villas supply fresh water for your use and it is a good idea to carry your own water with you when out touring for the day, at the beach or just out walking and gawking.

The art of drinking water in the tropics is to gulp it down rather than sipping. Too often, people suffer from heat exhaustion so the message here is, your best friend in Bali is to drink plenty of good quality water every day.

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Bintang beer is by far the most popular and is available in draft, bottles or cans. These days most watering holes serve beer chilled but some bars still have a little bit of work to do in this area. You can thank people like myself who have worked tirelessly for you guys over three decades or more trying to get it right by badgering the locals continually, telling them beer has to be cold, very cold (dingin).

Today the rewards of our efforts in the past are enjoyed by one and all, which is great to see. There are five different local beers competing for your business, which are as follows, Bintang, Carlsberg, San Miguel, Anker and Bali Hai.

Imported beer from around the globe including Australia can also be found on the shelves at the Supermarket. I suggest you go to a Supermarket near you or the Bintang Supermarket on Jl. Raya Seminyak and make your personal choice, providing you have a fridge at your accommodation. If you don’t have a fridge, you will have to be content with sitting down and relaxing at one of the many restaurants and bars surrounding you and check them all out. This exercise is known as research.

Wine & Spirits

 Top labeled wines from around the world are very expensive in Bali when compared with what you are used to paying at home. However, the good news is a new wine label worth a mention here is“Plaga”. This product is new to the local market and is produced in Bali from imported grapes from Australia and Chile. I am sure the ladies will be happy with “PLAGA” Sauv Blanc or Chardonay priced at about $18 per bottle . The red (Cab/Sav) is also very drinkable from around the same price. Do your own research by grabbing a bootle of each of these wines when next in Bali. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Hatten wines is the local drop and depending on your taste you may find them acceptable. Hatten’s produce one variety of rose‘ and two varieties of white and also a sparkling wine. These wines will be offered to you at most restaurants.

“Two Islands”, (my personal choice)  both red and white will also appeal for around AUD$18/$22 a bottle.

This next bit will shock you because you have had it so good at home for a long time when it comes to wine prices. Imported wine in Bali is loaded with around 200% tax made up of three different taxes, which makes wine of all qualities, expensive. To give you some idea of the price of basic quaffing wines priced around $10 to $15 in Australia, they generally range from RP300,000 up to RP750,000 in Bali, which means you are up for $30 at the bottom end of the market through to $75 for a half reasonable wine and a lot more for good quality wine.

Handy Tips On Shopping For Quality Wine and Spirits:

Should you be interested in taking wine to a restaurant, where you will be asked to pay corkage, or maybe to your accommodation on the odd occasion, the following establishments will be of interest to you.

The Winehouse” is my personal favourite (www.facebook.com/winehousebali) situated opposite Kafe Warisan Jl.66 Kerobokan. This excellent business is professionally managed and can be contacted at either of the following, Ph: +62(361)737217, E: [email protected]. If you love wine like I do, you should do yourself a favour and ask for a tasting of different wines that are foreign to you. I’m sure you will enjoy browsing through the extensive range of international wines on offer from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Chile, USA, Italy, France and Portugal to name a few.

Bali Bintang supermarket” is a place where you just might find a wine agreeable to your palate. They also have a range of spirits. At times if the price is right, it just might pay you to be a little adventurous.

Bali Deli” Jl. Kunti Seminyak is a very interesting place to visit for food and also wine. You will find their wine shop well stocked with plenty of nice temptations. Well worth a look.

Bali liquor Store” Jl. Kunti no 18 Seminyak is a stand alone liquor store with a very good range to check out.

Best Wines and Spirits” Jl. Tangkuban Peradu no 15d Kerobokan is worth a visit but is a little bit further to travel than any of the others mentioned here.

Carrefour Shopping Centre has a very good range of beer,wine and spirits and are at very competitive prices. I recommend you check out isle number nine on the top floor. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you will find here.

Important: You have a choice of going to all of these wine and spirits stores in either a taxi or maybe with someone like Charlie. M:08155792272 or E: [email protected]  Both these forms of transport are very reasonably priced if you are splitting the fares. I hope you enjoy fossiking around these shops as much as I do. Cheers! [adrotate banner=”2″]