Everything to know about planning your Bali holiday!



Emergency Numbers

  • Police 110
  • Fire 113
  • Search & Rescue 751111
  • Ambulance 118

Handy Numbers

  • Airport 751011
  • Hospital (Denpasar) 227911
  • Blood Bank 404305
  • International Medical Centre 761263*
  • Bali 911 Dental Clinic 237777
  • Air Asia 755799
  • Garuda Indonesia 751011
  • Qantas 288331

Handy Tips:

If you need to ring Bali from Australia, dial + 62 plus the number. When ringing a mobile, drop the zero. For example, if you want to ring Charlie (Ketut Tamba) from Australia, dial +62 81 5579 2272.

Warning, all calls to and from Bali are expensive. However, the most popular and cheapest method of communication used by global tourists is WhatsApp.

Making a reverse call from Bali to Australia via the operator: Dial 00161 12550 and ask for connection to the desired number and acceptance of the call.

How to make a call from a mobile

Using your mobile phone in Bali to contact a local land line number :Dial 0361 plus the local number

Using your mobile phone from Australia to contact a local land line Bali number Dial +62 361 plus the local number

Using mobile to mobile phone in Bali to contact a local mobile number Dial 081 plus the remaining didgits

Using your mobile from Australia to a mobile number in Bali. Dial: +62 81 ( Please note: drop the the zero out from the beginning of the mobile number ie 81 not 081 )

How to make a call from a local phone:

Making a call from a local phone to another local number. Dial: drop the 0361 code from the number. Example only, 735110 not 0361735110

Making a call from a local phone  to a Bali mobile number. Dial: 081 plus the number

Making a local mobile call to a Bali mobile number. Dial: 081 plus the number

Making a call from a Bali local phone to an overseas mobile number. Dial: area code +612 + mobile number without the zero ( add the area code and drop the the zero out from a mobile number )


Most hotels in Bali provide (1dd) International direct dial phones which may be convenient but be warned the cost of the call is expensive. If you need to use this option you should limit your time and conversation to the minimum.

SMS (texting) to and from Bali is by far the most cost effective and convenient.The Indonesian service is GSM, which gives good coverage to the majority of the island but limited in remote areas.

Phone Options

You also have the option of purchasing a prepaid calling card in Bali and replacing your home SIM card. The benefit of this is your outgoing calls will be charged at a lesser rate. Prepaid cards are available from shops displaying logos such as the Local Post Office, Satelindo, im3, Telkomsel, and Pro x. Another popular option is you can rent a mobile phone and this option is probably the best way to go because it is a very cheap exercise for local use.


Internet cafes are in abundance in all of the major tourist spots. If you are staying in a villa, most offer free wi-fi and most major hotels provide a business centre. If you do bring your laptop, iPad or iPhone to Bali, check with your local ISP regarding roaming agreements. You may prefer to connect to Telkomnet who do not require registration.

Phone: 080989999
User id: [email protected]
Password: telkom

This is a good way to check Yahoo and Hotmail if you only need a connection for surfing the web. The most popular ISP with quick and reliable connection is Indosatnet.


Although convenient, posting letters or cards from your hotel is not the most reliable option and stamps can be up to three times more expensive than at the local post office.

My recommendation is to locate your nearest post office to buy your stamps and post mail. This will ensure your mail will reach its destination. Your hotel or any business should be able to direct you to your nearest post office but the one which I have used looks out onto the Bintang Supermarkets parking area.

Post offices are open Mon. – Thurs. 8am – 2pm, Fri. 8am – noon, Sat 8am – 1pm.

Australian Consulate General

Jalan Tantular 32
Denpasar Bali 80234 INDONESIA
Telephone: +62 361 241 118
Facsimile: + 62 361 221 195 (general enquiries)
Facsimile: +62 361 241 120 (visa enquiries)
Email: [email protected] If you are travelling to Indonesia, whatever the reason and however long you will be there, I strongly recommend you register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You can register online or in person at any Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate. The information you provide will help them to contact you in an emergency – whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or a family issue.In a consular emergency if you are unable to contact the Embassy, Consulate General or the Consulate, you can contact the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre on +61 2 6261 3305 or 1300 555 135 within Australia.In Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra may be contacted on (02) 6261 3305.

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