Everything you need to know for your first Bali holiday!



Sadly, time has now arrived to think about leaving Bali and it’s a good time to ask your hotel management if confirmation of your airline booking is required prior to departure.

Important: Transport to the airport is an important consideration on the day you leave but you should book at least two days before departure day to avoid disappointment. Charlie would oblige if required or he would organise someone else to look after you if in the event he is unable to help you on this occasion. M: 0815 5792272 E: [email protected]

If your flight home is scheduled for departure at say midnight or 1AM, it could be a good idea to give consideration to paying up to an extra 50% or so of your nightly tariff at your accommodation, as a matter of convenience. This would allow you to retain your room until 8pm or 9pm before leaving for the airport. You may find this idea convenient and worth paying the extra.

Departure Tax Update:

As of the 9th February 2015, all airlines departing Indonesia are now required to include “Airport Departure Tax”  in the price of your airline ticket.

Handy tips before leaving for the airport:

  • Now is a good time to check to see if you still have your airline tickets.
  • Passport.
  • Please note, Departure Tax of Rp200,000 per person is now included in your airline ticket.
  • You will need some Rp to take care of porters, food and drinks before your departure.
  • tags and locks on your luggage.

Hopefully, you will  have left some Aussie money in your wallet for your return home.

It’s a good idea to retain some Rupiah to pay for transport to the airport if it is not included in your accommodation account. Also, it would be a good idea to retain a small amount of Ruphia to cover baggage handlers if you require their services, a drink or two and maybe something to eat.

Airlines ask you to be at the airport no later than two hours thirty minutes before departure.

If you are having trouble getting everything back into your case, I have a handy tip for you. Take it all out and start again, only this time roll all your clothes tightly and repack, which you will find works very well.

On arrival at Bali airport, you will once again be directed through a metal detector and also have your baggage x-rayed on entering the terminal. After clearance in this area, proceed to your airline counter for baggage weigh-in and seat allocation before moving on to passport stamping. Once you have cleared the area, you will find yourself in the duty free shopping area once more. I doubt very much if shopping is on your mind at this time, so take a seat grab a book and wait for your call.

Aussies, don’t forget you can purchase up to two litres of alcohol per person at the duty free shop on arrival at your home airport. Important: Not all Airlines will allow you to board with duty free alcohol purchased in Bali. Please make your own enquiries on this issue.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed your first Bali experience and that the content of this guide was of some help to you.

Handy Tips:

  • Be at the airport know later than 2.5 hours before departure.
  • Leave some Aussie money in your wallet for your return home.
  • Check with your Airline regarding bringing back duty free alcohol.

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