It is my pleasure to share with you some of my families Bali friends, who would love to meet you. These people have helped make our Bali visits over the years far more enjoyable than they may have been at times. I am sure you will agree with this in time should you care to meet them. Tell them Mike, Anne, Kate and Simone recommended their services to you in this guidebook for a hassle free experience.

Ketut Tamba (Transport)

Ketut Tamba best known as Charlie is a local tour guide with a modern and always clean vehicle. I have also mentioned Charlie and my friendship with him in more detail under the heading of Transport. I have known Charlie and his family for over twenty five years and he is my favourite driver. I personaly recommend Charlie above all others. The cheapest way of communicating is as follows: When you are in Bali, ring the following number from a LAND line or from a mobile: Mob: 08155792272 or from Australia (send sms) 0011 62 8155792272. or Email his daughter:

Romy Watches,

When I first met Romy (now known as Romeo) 40 years ago, he was a small shy eight year old in a group of about ten young kids selling copy wrist watches outside of where the Padmar Hotel now stands. Unfortunately for Romy, in recent times it seems he was doing too well with his watch sales and had expanded into a large range of bags in all sizes plus an excellent range of sunglasses.

Eventually,Romy attracted the attention of police during 2013. All copied items are illegal but tolerated providing the profits are shared around or if you don’t draw too much attention to yourself. The outcome was (1) change of name, (2) unable to sell any copies of the more expensive brand names, (3) All bags and sunglasses have disappeared (4) Pay a fine of Aud$3,800 or spend five years in prison. Fortunately, Romy was able to pay the fine.

Today, Romy/Romeo is a married man with a family and successfully runs his own copy watch business, located almost next door to Billy’s Bar in Garlic Lane, which runs between Jl.. Padmar and Jl..Melasti.

Expect to pay from RP70,000 ($7.00) up to RP500,000 ($50.00) for some select brand name watches.

Romy will also point you in the right direction for good quality copy DVD’s and CD’s for which you will pay around RP10,000 (US$1) per piece for per DVD if you buy in quantities of ten or more.

From my experience, these copy DVD’s work fine  providing they are played on a low quality player.Usually you are able to view any DVD and listen to any CD before you make a purchase in most stores.

Romy is situated on the left hand side of Garlic lane, when walking between Jl Padmar and Jl Melasti. Phone +6281338542663 from Australia or 081338542663 local.

By the way, you will find the lane interesting with restaurants, bars and lots of market type shops to keep you busy. Billy’s bar is an icon in the area serving Legians best cold beer. This establishment is a must for any bored husbands with a dry throat. The ladies will also be equally happy with this arrangement of parking their men somewhere convenient, while they carry on shopping close by.

Gede Vendhi – Massage/Reflexology

Twenty five years ago while I was poolside resting a back problem, I noticed a young Balinese person performing a very different type of massage therapy on a young man who had been the victim of a surfing accident. After about an hour and a half of this treatment, I could see a significant improvement with this guys movement although he had a long way to go.

My wife observed this event also and at the conclusion of the treatment she asked Gede if he would have time to take a look at my problem.The short story is, within an hour I was fine with much more freedom in my body movements although more rest was required.

Since that day, my wife and I with our family and friends have Gede visit us at the villa for fine tuning on a regular basis.

Contact Gede, (pronounced Geday) ph 08124678942 and experience a massage/reflexology with a difference. Gede’s treatment is best suited to people who suffer with ailments such as neck, shoulder, feet and lower back pain. His fee is negotiable from RP150000 ($15.00) to RP200,000, ($20.00) depending on the time taken and the time of year you are in Bali.

Should you require Gede to visit you at your hotel or villa, you will need to advise the security people or management at your accommodation for their approval because they have strict rules regarding your safety.

Made – Putri Clothing Shop

If you are interested in cheap clothes from the market shops, here is a name to follow up if you would rather not barter. Made’s (pronounced Marday) small (fixed price) shop is located in the mini market area of Legian at the beachside corner of Garlic Lane and Jl.Malesti. I have known Made and her husband, Nyoman and family for about 40 years.

You will love Made with her big lovely friendly face and obliging and honest character. Made’s shop is more suited to young adults and mums wanting to clothe growing children with beachwear and anything summer. Contact Made mob phone. 08123912481 or local number for her shop, phone 759847 for directions or just wander through the maze of small shops and ask for Made. If you are not able to locate Made, my friends Romy or KetutTamba (Charlie) will help you.

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