The Provinicial Government in Bali has announced that as of the 1st June 2012, it will be implementing a smoking ban in public places like night clubs, hotels, restaurants, government offices, schools and hospitals.

Bali Governor Made Pastika recently announced at a press conference in Denpasar, Law 10, year 2011 for no smoking areas (KTR) aims to create 100% smoke free areas and also tighter restrictions on the advertising of tobacco products.

The Governor said the smoking ban would be implemented in stages starting with government offices. He added that anyone violating the smoking ban could be prosecuted by the Denpasar District Court and fined Rp. 50,000 or sentenced to three months imprisonment.

Health Minister Nyoman Sutedja has welcomed the ban and is optimistic that it will not reduce the number of tourists visiting Bali.

Governor Pastika said the ban is in the interests of health, family, and the general public and added with information based on worldwide data, one person dies every second because of smoking.


  1. julian

    this is the best news…smokers in this country are so arrogant..even when you tell them you are allergic to nicotine they keep smoking at the table beside you while you are having your breakfast..i only hope it gets enforced before we all die of tobacco related diseases.

    • Thank you for your comments Julian. No doubt this will take a long time to implement successfully but it is very encouraging to know that the powers which are in control of situations like this are very much aware of the arrogant behaviour of some people in this regard.