Bali’s foreign tourists enjoying a holiday in Bali from January-November 2014 totaled 3.41 million, up 14.78% over the same period in 2013 with 2.97 million visitors recorded on entering the island. Most tourists came through Ngurah Rai Airport and  only 28, 644 of them arrived by cruise ships, commented the head of Central Statistics Agency of Bali.  He said the provincial government was targeting 2.9 million foreign tourists visiting Bali during 2014. Estimates have already blown out for 2014, without including visits in the month of December. Out of the top ten countries supplying tourists to Bali, nine of them have significant increased numbers, however, Taiwan decreased from 119, 705 in 2013 to 106, 850 visitors during the same period in 2014. Australia’s total of 895, 069 visitors was an increase of 18.70 percent over the same period during 2013, representing a total of 26.18 percent of the total foreign tourists who holidayed on the island. Next, Chinese tourists totaled 539, 371 visitors, an increase of 49.28 % over the same period in 2013. Visitors from Malaysia ranked third with a rise of 14.87 % to 198, 133. Japanese who were once prolific in numbers on the island, only increased by 1.64 % for a total of 195, 541 visitors. Others with large volumes of visitors to Bali were Singapore 155, 892, South Korea 132, 218, France 121, 471, England 116, 800, Taiwan 106, 850 and the United States 100, 414.