Is Bali safe? This is a very good question and is often asked on Bali forums. If you know Bali well and have an opinion on this subject, please let me know what you think. If you have not been to Bali, it will also be interesting to know how you perceive this important issue.

The following survey information regarding  personal safety in Bali, was compiled recently (January 2014) by a research company:

Nearly two-thirds of Australians think Bali is not a safe holiday destination and only one in five has confidence that they would get proper medical help if they became sick or injured during their holiday.

 According to the survey, an overwhelming majority of Australians also doubt they would get fair treatment from the Indonesian police and courts if they had a legal problem while holidaying in Bali.

Indonesia and specifically Bali is one of Australia’s top overseas holiday destinations, second only to New Zealand, with more than 900,000 Australian visitors each year. Australia is Bali’s biggest tourist market, contributing nearly 25 % of arrivals to the resort island during January to September last year.

While most people who have been on holiday in Bali, see the island as a safe place (64%), one in three (35%) did not agree.

Almost three-quarters (72%) of people who haven’t travelled to Bali think the island is unsafe.

The survey suggests, women have greater reservations about their safety in Bali being 69%, compared with men with 60 % considering the destination unsafe.

Overall, 32% of those interviewed, thought Bali  to be a safe holiday destination.

The survey was conducted in mid-January 2014, after mysterious deaths occurring on January 4, of a Queensland mother and her daughter, who became violently ill and died at the start of a two week Bali holiday.

The survey also shows Australians have strong concerns about the quality of medical services in Bali, with only one in five or 27% confident they would get proper medical attention if they were sick or injured, while on holiday in Bali.

Confidence in Bali’s medical services was greater with 50% among people who have visited Bali and 21% of people who haven’t visited the island


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