It appears the number of  Australian tourists travelling to Bali has increased significantly in the first half of the year, rather than decreasing in the wake of the TV show “What Really Happens in Bali”.

Approximately 1.7 million tourists traveled to Bali during the first half of 2014, which represented a 15.75% increase over the same period last year.Most visitors to the island arrived through Ngurah Rai Airport.

About 18,000 people arrived via sea aboard cruise ships. Australia was the most popular country of origin with around 446,000 visitors. Chinese tourists were the second most popular with 264,864 arrivals. Malaysia was the third most popular with 109,296 arrivals.

Japanese tourists declined by 2.98% for a total of 93,000 people arriving. Singapore, the fourth most popular had 92,415 arrivals.  South Koreans were the fifth most popular tourists, with 68,172 arrivals.

Tourists from the United Kingdom totaled 62,530 people.Taiwanese tourists totaled  57,058 arrivals.People from the US visiting the island, increased by about 9% for a total of 54,436. French arrivals rose almost 16%, with a total of 53,812 arriving in Bali.