Reported 2012:


During Jan/Feb each year is Bali’s normal cyclone/ storm season period, so you can expect the possibilities of similar conditions as those described below to occur at that time of year.

Bali 2012 is currently experiencing extreme weather conditions caused by tropical cyclone Lau off the Western Australian coast. Cyclone Lau is expected to be upgraded from catagory 3 up to catagory 4.

So far Bali has seen a freak tornado hit Bangli, where ten houses were damaged and numerous temples. Many landslides, huge waves and strong winds have already resulted in  large amounts of property damage and loss of life. Today heavy weather conditions are expected to continue.

Many tourists were stranded in Lombok because of raging seas, which caused harbours to be closed. Bali saw several buildings damaged as well as vehicles being damaged by falling trees causing many areas to loose power.

Worsening weather is expected in most parts of Bali. A number of villages have reported major mudslides causing emense damage to both residential and commercial areas.

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