A soldier from the 900th Infantry Battalion in Jembrana, Bali yesterday came to a tragic demise being struck by lightning while refilling his car with gasoline at Berawah village, Mendoyo District, Jembrana.

Nobody knew where the lightning came from, no rain and it wasn’t cloudy, but suddenly lightning struck the soldier and his body was very badly burnt.

The victim, Corporal Gulue Rens, was returning from Ngurah Rai Airport, around 2.30 pm, in a rent car and stopped for fuel.

A witness said, the victim came to get some gasoline, however, while refueling there was a sudden flash of lightning and the man was hit. As I approached the man, I could see he was burnt and blackened,” explained the witness.

The witness also added, when we took the victim to the hospital he was still alive and moaning with pain. “But he died on the way to the hospital,” he said.