Drugs amounting to 1.54 kilograms of methamphetamines, were recently found in the possession of 58-year-old South African man, Henri Lubbe.

The drugs were discovered by cutoms officials, after Mr. Lubbe landed in Bali on a flight from Hong Kong on Feb. 9th.

Customs officials suspect the man could be connected to a Nigerian drug syndicate and they also said that the drugs could have a possible street value in the order of Rp. 3 billion (US$245,000) for narcotics found in the Mr. Lubbes personal luggage.

Mr.Lubbe told police that he had been compensated with a Bali holiday in return for his agreement to act as a mule in the transport of drugs.

Police said Mr. Lubbe will be charged under the Indonesian anti-narcotics law with a possible maximum penalty of 20-years.


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