Strained relations between Australia and Indonesia over spying allegations may affect Australian prisoners currently serving sentences in Indonesia, including the approval of parole for Schapelle Corby. “The spying issue should be used as an additional consideration by the Justice and Human Rights Minister in Corby’s parole process,” the deputy chair of the House of Representatives Commission 111 on legal affairs, Aziz Sysamsuddin, told media yesterday. He explained that the commission would be having a meeting to discuss issues surrounding the Australian woman’s parole in the next two weeks.The governor of Kerobokan jail said that Corby has become anxious about the delay. Farid Junaedi, the new jail boss, said Corby had asked him at their first meeting when she would be able to walk out the gates of the prison. “She is a beautiful and co-operative girl and i told her to be patient and await the process. Two obstacles remain for Corby. The Immigration documents allowing her to stay in Indonesia for her parole period have yet to arrive at the prison and the Australian Embassy has failed to provide the correct papers under its letterhead.