Welcome traveler, the information you are about to soak up in “Bali Secrets Unlocked” is essential reading for all of the following people:

  • First-timers to Bali
  • People who have not been back to Bali for many years
  • Families
  • Celebrating school leavers
  • Concerned parents
  • And anyone else interested in a safe stress free holiday to Bali

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Listed below are JUST A FEW of the many important BENEFITS and the exceptional VALUE  you will get from OWNING a copy of Bali Secrets Unlocked:

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Important: After you purchase your downloadable copy of the e-book Bali Secrets Unlocked, you will automatically receive two e-mail messages (1) confirming your order and a link to download (2) a thank you. Allow for up to 60 pages in your printer. It is your choice to use colour or black and white print. Binding: if you are unable to do this at home, take your copy to someone like Office Works to have it bound. This is a cheap exercise and will present nicely on your coffee table.

(1) You will be Bali Street Smart Before You Arrive
(2) You will learn How To Stay Healthy While In Bali
(3) You wil learn How To Stay Safe After Dark
(4) You will know where to safely Exchange Your Money
(5) You will learn how to be Savvy With Bali Communications
(6) You will get to know some of My Bali Friends In Business
(7) You will learn The Hidden Dangers Of Hiring A Vehicle Or Motor Bike. Also the e-book- guide covers a heap more information, which you must be aware of too.

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To help you make a wise decision, you might like to read some of the testimonials I have received from contented people from around the world.

Hi Mike,

We feel very fortunate in having had the opportunity to read your guidebook bali secrets unlocked for first timers. In our opinion, there is no way people should think about going to Bali for their first trip without first reading your book, which contains so much information that the average person would not stop to think about.

Thanks for the intro’s to Romy and Made. We enjoyed meeting them both and we had a lot of fun buying from them.

The only problem we had was not booking through an agent as you suggested. It was ok but we saw better choices for roughly the same price.

Kuta was great but a bit too busy for us sometimes so as you have mentioned somewhere in Legian or Seminyak like Padma or Nicsoma will be our choice in the future.


Rob and Carla,
Noranda WA

… and here’s another …

Hi Mike

It makes me shiver when I think of how difficult life could have been for us travelling to Bali for our first time and with the kids in tow without the kind of information available in your excellent guidebook, like how to be well organised, knowing more about Bali generally, staying healthy and in particular understanding the local money.

Our holiday was completely stress free because we new a lot well in advance after reading your guide book of what to expect and the do’s and don’ts in a foreign country.  Also Mike, we booked our flight and accommodation with our local travel agent who put together a very good package at the Padma Hotel. We were very happy with her suggestion and the rest was a breeze with much thanks to you and your friend Charlie.

Thanks Mike for your good advice.

Marg & George,
Perth WA


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