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The best and most informative first-timers guide to having a holiday in Bali.

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Why should you buy this eBook when there is so much free information about Bali available to anyone who can be bothered spending many hours searching the internet/websites.  A good question and there is a very good answer to this question.

The answer is of course, this guidebook has been specifically written for you as a first timer to Bali.

With that in mind and because of the guides rarity and uniqueness, it suggests you will not find all of this information as conveniently available to you on the net when compared to this guidebook, which is very true.

In addition, you can be assured that you will find everything in Bali Secrets Unlocked isrelevant to and has great appeal to Bali first timers.

The guide is written in such a way, you will find yourself on a hand held type of guided tour from the time you have made the decision to visit Bali, getting organised and everything in between until your safe return home. How good is that?

The BENEFIT for you is you don’t have to think for yourself or make mistakes which cost money because you will get it right the first time by following my simple instructions in Bali Secrets Unlocked.

Here is a fraction of what you can expect to learn and the BENEFITS of buying  “Bali Secrets Unlocked”:

  • Effective communications. You will learn what you need to arrange BEFORE you arrive in Bali so that you will be savvy with the use of your mobile phone and internet/website access.
  • The critical steps you must take to stay healthy while holidaying in Bali.
  • Four affordable tours I suggest for you to experience ( this will save you hours of research)
  • How to relax with my little known secret to getting the best value pampering Bali can offer.
  • Bali law and customs what you need to know about the do’s and don’ts. Get this wrong and you could ruin more than just your holiday.
  • Night Clubs how to stay safe after dark. Be aware of drug dealers, pickpockets, laced drinks, pimps and prostitutes. These characters are on duty when you are often off duty. Also be very aware of set-ups with drugs. If you do, be warned you will have an extended holiday Kerobokan Prison awaiting your horrible destiny.
  • Meet some locals. An introduction to some of my Bali friends in business from whom you will BENEFIT greatly by saving money, regarding buying clothes, watches, sunnies, market shopping and tours.
  • Money Matters. By following my suggestions you will save a lot of your hard earned cash by knowing exactly where to go and where not to go. Without this knowledge, it could easily cost you $200 on your first day out exchanging money and some market shopping.
  • What you need to know about the dangers of hiring a vehicle or motor bike (this is extremely important)

I am confident you will enjoy reading Bali Secrets Unlocked and that it will also contribute greatly to a wonderful stress free Bali holiday for you, your friends and family.

Kind regards,

Mike Fennessy
[email protected]

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