A tourist riding a motorbike without a helmet was pulled over by a police officer at a busy intersection in Kerobokan recently and given two options. Pay Rp. 1,250,000 if found guilty and prosecuted in Denpasar court or an on the spot fine of only Rp. 200,000. The tourist thought he would take the lower option and was then told he could ride around for the rest of the day without a helmet.

Unbeknown to the police officer, the tourist had a hidden camera and was filming the total incident.

After accepting the Rp. 200,000, the policeman then invited the tourist to have a beer with him before crossing the road to purchase a few beers with half of the proceeds from his on the spot fine.

In the meantime the tourist filmed the whole episode, which has now been seen by more than 90,000 viewers on YouTube and some other social media sites.

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