As recently reported in the West Australian, Perth tourists say their relaxing Bali holiday has been ruined by “appalling”, drunken school leavers as the Indonesian island becomes an increasingly popular playground for WA teens.

Lured by cheap alcohol, a lack of age restrictions at bars and a resort atmosphere, up to 6000 Australian leavers are expected in Bali to celebrate finishing school.

But two women want to cut their trip short, saying leavers partying non-stop at their Kuta complex had wrecked their holiday.

They claimed teenagers were smashing glasses and throwing cigarette butts into the pool and “screaming, crashing and banging” into the early hours.

One of the women, fought back tears as she said she was appalled by the behaviour of the teenagers. It made her ashamed to be Australian.

“These kids have no respect for the Balinese people,” she said. “They haven’t got respect for other tourists, they haven’t got respect for themselves.”