Bali view from hill side

Welcome to Holiday to Bali, a website (and now Bali ebook) for first-timers to Bali.

My name is Mike Fennessy, I live approximately 240 kms South West of  Perth, the Capital City of Western Australia. Over the last thirty five years of travelling up to three times annually to Bali, you could say I have now accumulated a good understanding of how things work on this tropical island. This knowledge has now led me to being the author of this unique Bali guidebook .

During late 2010, I decided to share my knowledge of Bali with as many people as possible who may be interested in knowing more about Bali as a holiday destination well before their arrival on the island. Subsequently, I have now written a unique guidebook Bali Secrets Unlocked specifically with first-timers in mind visiting this tropical island paradise. After many discussions on this subject over past years with a number of disenchanted people after their first Bali holiday, I decided the best way of reaching these people in the future would be with an e-book via my internet website.

Enjoy your holiday and I sincerely hope you find my e-book helpful in planning your first Bali holiday.


Mike. Fennessy

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