Listed below are some of the many testimonials, which I have received from contented readers of “Bali Secrets Unlocked”.

Hi Mike

As a first time traveller to Bali, I found “Bali Secrets Unlocked” to be a valuable guide. It not only helped me with all of my planning preparations, it more importantly eased my concerns with the daunting challenges we faced with Money, Accommodation and Transport. This guide provides practical and reliable recommendations, which we found most useful and no doubt saved us considerable money. “Bali Secrets Unlocked” helped us have a fantastic first time Bali Holiday experience. My wife and I cannot wait to go back to Bali with our two boys so that they too can explore and experience this wonderful island.

Many thanks,

Michael and Sophie, Vic.

Hey Mike,

This was my first Bali trip in April 2015. For anyone travelling to Bali for their first time this guidebook is a must read. Even seasoned travelers would get something out of it. As a first time visitor to Bali I must admit I didn’t know what to expect.However after reading the ebook on the plane on the way over I felt ready to tackle anything that came my way. From negotiating with shop owners to the fabulous list of hidden restaurants and places to go, your information certainly unlocked many of the secrets Bali has to offer.It would be really easy to stay in and around your resort but Bali really comes alive when you explore the Balinese culture.Mike, your book gave us the confidence to push ourselves as Bali can be a little daunting especially when travelling with Kids.At the very least this book pays for itself many times over with its street smarts.

Thank-you.. Craig – Melbourne, VIC.


Hi Mike,
I wish to confirm your bali secrets unlocked guidebook is indeed a valuable resource for the first time traveler.Also,I was feeling very apprehensive when I was preparing for my trip as I had not traveled overseas in over 25 years.Your guide was a very thorough handbook explaining everything that I would need to know from what would happen when I arrived at Denpasar airport right through to departure.I definitely benefitted when it came to bartering. The clear instructions worked perfectly and I grew confident quite quickly.To be honest, I had no idea where the best shopping was and the book gave me all the options.I don’t think anything was left out at all. I highly recommend this book to anyone travelling to Bali.

Thank you Mike,



Hi Mike

We got back yesterday from our trip to Bali and I am totally in love.The island is beautiful, the people the best and we just had the most divine time.

I wanted to say thank you for your book and also your patience in answering all of my questions. I was quite panicky about the trip. After booking,I started researching and came across the most negative and horrendous info from people who had been there and as a result, I panicked. I probably took enough to stock my own pharmacy (not a prob with security though) because all I used were steristrips and antibacterial wash. My son cut his head open and even that was not too much for the hotel staff. They just called the hotel doctor who supported us all the way.

The airport, which was supposed to be the worst ever was amazing. The hotels were lovely, the crafters very talented and the people were the most gentle caring genuine people I have met in a long time. All they knew about South Africa was waka waka (2010 world cup). The water sports guys and my kids had great fun with that.My only regret is that our time came to an end and we are now planning our next trip.

I mentioned this before, but what I really appreciated about your book was that is was plain and simple because you didn’t try and coat the island in honey or run it down. I knew I could trust your advise, which gave me such a sense of peace. I think a lot of the rubbish on the internet does Bali such a disservice and I think people can be very unfair. I did see a fair amount of foreigners verbally abusing the staff at the hotel while out and about, which distressed me a bit because the Balinese do go out of their way to help and be kind.

Thank you for taking the time to write your amazing book and I hope you enjoy your next trip to Bali.

Kind regards


South Africa.


Hi Mike,

It makes me shiver when I think of how difficult life could have been for us travelling to Bali for our first time with the kids in tow and without the kind of information made available in your excellent guidebook.You made life so much easier to cope with on our arrival in Bali by being well organised, knowing more about Bali generally, staying healthy and in particular understanding the local money.

Our holiday was completely stress free because we new a lot well in advance after reading bali secrets unlocked explaining what to expect and the do’s and dont’s in a foreign country.  Also Mike, we booked our flight and accommodation with our local travel agent who put together a very good package at the Padma Hotel. We were very happy with her suggestion and the rest was a breeze with much thanks to you and your friend Charlie.

Thanks Mike for your good advice.

Marg & George,
Perth WA

Hi Mike,

We feel very fortunate in having had the opportunity to read your guidebook bali secrets unlocked for first timers. In our opinion, there is no way people should think about going to Bali for their first trip without first reading your book which contains so much information that the average person would not stop to think about.

Thanks for the intro’s to Romy and Made. We enjoyed meeting them both and we had a lot of fun buying from both of them.

The only problem we had was not booking through an agent as you suggested. It was ok but we saw better choices for roughly the same price.

Kuta was great but a bit too busy for us sometimes so as you have mentioned somewhere in Legian or Seminyak like Padma or Nicsoma will be our choice in the future.


Rob and Carla,
Noranda WA

Dear Mike,

Our first Bali holiday was spread over ten wonderful days and I must say a huge success because with all thanks to you covering so much detail in your book about anything and everything to keep our family happy all of the time without stressing out was so amazing.

We can’t wait to go back to discover and enjoy a whole lot more of your ideas.

Chris & Brad,


Hey Mike

It was great to come across your bali guidebook for my first trip. It was very reassuring at times and in particular info about beaches, money, health, food and nightclubs.

The surf beaches you mentioned were awesome. I teamed up with some new mates from Victoria. These guys could not get over how much I new about bali on my first trip so I told them all about your guidebook over a few beers. After checking your site out they are now up to speed with it all.

Your mate Ketut took us on a lot of trips around the coast to catch a wave and he would just hang about until we had finished surfing.  He is a real cool dude who does not charge much either.

I just want to say thanks mate for the best holiday ever and you are right about asking a travel agent to sort things out. It all went as smooth as silk.

Thanks mate.

Mark, WA

Dear Michael,

Just a note to tell you we have just had the most enjoyable holiday in years.

Originally, we went with another couple to Bali in 1987 and again in 1991. On both occasions we stayed at the Legian Beach Hotel in Legian. At the time Bali was just an ordinary holiday island boasting warm days and balmy nights, which was just right for swimming and enjoying a drink in the evening but there was little else of interest to keep us occupied.

Well I must say things have changed immensely for the better since then.

Our travel agent introduced us to a whole new world in luxury villa accommodation. All I can say is at our age of mid seventies “That’s Living.” Also with having the information provided in your delightful book, we enjoyed fabulous sunsets and cocktails, delicious meals at stunning restaurants, exciting day tours with your friend Charlie, wonderful golf courses and a completely stress free holiday.

Our overall Bali experience could not have been better and we are now hooked on Villas.

With sincere thanks and best wishes


Hi Mike

Helen and Mike here from California saying thanks for all your tips, we had a great time. Got back Monday evening and yes I am having Bali blues. We called Charlie and it was a pleasure to meet him. When I told him Mike Fennessy suggested we give him a ring a big smile came over his face. He drove us around Sanur while we stayed in Sanur.

We stayed in Sanur for 6 nights and Ubud for 8 nights. I really enjoyed Ubud. Met so many lovely Balinese, in fact talking to the locals was the biggest highlight.  I learned about their family, their way of life and of course the hardship they face.

Although it was the wet season, we only had 3 nights (out of two weeks) of storm, which was the most spectacular lighting and thunder we have ever experienced.

Among all tours, I enjoyed the eco cycling the most and takes us through the village and plantation. It was overall a very memorable trip. The people of Bali are amazing. Thanks Mike for all of your suggestions. I have your blog bookmarked so I can revisit every so often to get my Bali fix.

Thank’s again

Helen & Mike
California USA

Hi Mike

Many thanks for this great guide. As a Bali virgin, it is most useful. We are travelling to Sanur next week and whilst your guide is not specific to Sanur, there are many generic issues that are most helpful.

Thank you for your contribution.

Sydney NSW


What a wonderful site you have.

I am planning a trip to Bali in April 2012 with my daughters aged 9 & 13. My husband can’t make this trip so us girls going alone.

I visited Bali in 1980 when I was just i5, it was my first trip overseas and although it gave me the travelling bug and I have since travelled all over the world, I have never been back to Bali so this will be like my first time as at 15 years I pretty much did what my parents wanted to do LOL. I guess it has changed considerably so this information is a godsend so thank you Mike.

Jeanette & girls