According to the latest news from Bali, Kadek Wiranatha and his brother Gede trading as PT.Gde & Brothers have once again topped the list for Bali’s wealthiest companies. The company involved in the tourism industry, travel, transportation, food and wine industries has created one of Bali’s most successful home based companies. Also owned by the brothers is the Bounty Group operating some of the islands most successful bars, restaurants and clubs. In addition the brothers interests include Bali Advertiser, taxi companies, food exports and also Bali and Lombok properties.

Second on the list is Ramayana Business Group. Interests include hotels, restaurants the Pepito supermarket and Mini Mart.

Third is Wayan Kari and his family the owners of the Waka Group. Interests include Oberoi Hotels in Bali and Lombok, Waka Resorts, Advertising, Architecture, Cargo, Construction and Transportation.

Fourth is the family of Ida Bagus Putra, owners of  Santrian Group.

Fifth is Hadi Wirawan who owns Suzuki dealerships.

Sixth is Cokde Tjok Oka Artha of the Ubud Royal family whose interests include Tjampuhan Group, which owns Pita Maha Hotels and the Champuhan Hotel.

Seventh in line is Group Tomy Raka who own Carefree holiday, Kuta Beach Club and Sol Benoa.

Eighth is Anak Agung Made Son and family with interests Kelompok Usaha Keluarga, operating Niksoma Hotel, also a laundry business and a power station.

Ninth place goes to Satria Naradha’s company (ABG) which also owns other print, radio and TV media.

Tenth on the list of successful business people worth between Rp.100 Billion and Rp 1 Trillion is Anak Agung Sukadhana who owns AAA Kusemas, mining companies, gas stations and property.



  1. Harry Mackinstosh

    What a horrible person is Kadek Wiranatha who owns so much in Bali not sell the land where the Sari Club stood for a reasonable price to allow a memorial to be built. Does he also own bars where spiked drinks have killed tourists.

    • Hi Harry,
      Thanks for your comments and in answer to the last part of your message the answer is as far as I am aware he is not involved in anything like that.
      I can see where you are coming from but in his defence Mr.Wiranatha does employ a huge amount of local people and has established some excellent venues for tourists to enjoy.
      I’m afraid from the total lack of any knowledge regarding his generosity, I am unable to comment.
      Hopefully, he does share his good fortune with the Balinese community.

  2. Kadek, stand up and take responsiblity for what is happening at your clubs. Sort out your staff and stop hiding.