Another warning for would be drug smugglers and dealers.

As you can see, the price you will pay for breaking the law in this regard could lead to your demise.

The Indonesian government reportedly executed a man convicted of smuggling drugs on Sunday morning.

The man was executed by firing squad at a cemetery in the outskirts of Jakarta. He was the fifth person to be executed in the country since March.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is reported as saying that it planned to execute 12 people this year.

The executed man aged 44, received the death penalty in 2001 for smuggling 1,050 grams of heroin into Soekarno-Hatta airport from Pakistan.

An AGO spokesman, said more executions would be carried out this year “Concerning those on death row for drug offences who have not yet been executed because they are seeking legal recourse, such as appeals to demand a case review,” he said. In 2012, 113 people were given the death penalty, mainly for drug or murder charges.

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