Indonesia’s counter terror agency wants the Australian government to consider downgrading their travel warning for Australians visiting Bali and other locations in Indonesia because it does not reflect the current level of threat.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade continues to warn Aussie tourists to Bali of  a very high threat of terrorist attack. The Bali warning was last updated in August 2011.

The head of the National Counter Terrorism Agency said in his opinion there is no reason why people should be worried when travelling within Indonesia. He also disagrees that Indonesia is a current high risk for Australians.

I can understand how concerned the Australian government is in order to protect and prevent Australians from being targeted by terrorists but really for me I don’t see that there is a risk, he said.

Opinions on this topic may be discussed at a counter terrorist conference to be held on the island sometime during September 2011, which will include Australian officials.

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