Everything to know about planning your Bali holiday!




To ensure Bali is a safe place for you and your family, you must be well organised and you must do your home work well regarding all issues pertaining to your families health, before and after your arrival in Bali. Please refer to the sections entitled “How to stay healthy” and “Getting organised for your family Bali holiday”.

Important: You will require transport other than Taxi’s to meet you at times so in this event, you could consider contacting my friend Charlie, Mb: 08155792272 E: [email protected] 

One very important consideration is weather and when to go, which is anytime really but the best Bali weather is during the months of May, June, July, August and September.

However, it is as well to know that these months are more expensive and are extremely busy. You are best advised to book your flights and accommodation six to nine months in advance to secure the most convenient flight times and best accommodation choices, if you plan to travel in the busy season.

Bali caters for babies through to teenagers very well but there are a few things you should be aware of, which I will endeavour to condense down to some hot tips for you to do your own research.

In a family situation, it is a good idea to write down everything you think you will need to take with you, to ensure everyone is kept happy.

Now ask yourself this question, do we really have to take all this gear or can we buy or rent it in Bali? The answer is yes you can buy or rent in most cases.

Make sure everyone in the family is fit and healthy before you leave home because Bali is not the best place to become sick, have a tooth ache or an open wound.

For your first Bali holiday at least, book your airfare and accommodation through an expert Bali travel agent.

It is most important to ask your agent if you can speak to their most experienced Bali travel advisor. If they don’t have such a person, try some other agents until you are completely satisfied with their Bali knowledge and service.

If you do this, it will ensure you of the best type of accommodation suitable for your lifestyle. i.e Hotel, Apartment or Villa and most importantly, its location. In the event something goes very wrong, it is much better to have someone else to blame other than yourself.

Ask about interconnecting rooms, cots, general bed setup and possibly a ground floor preference.

How to be a Smart Traveller:

I advise you to consider the following for your own safety, as well as consideration for your family.  Register your intended trip with smartraveller.gov.au.

The benefit of becoming a free member of Smartraveller is your registered known whereabouts in Bali, should the government be alerted to something untoward is likely to occur i.e tsunami, earthquake or terrorism.

In this event, smartraveller will have your Bali address and phone details to give you advance warning and help get you out of the area as soon as possible if something was about to happen. In addition to this, you will also receive emails in the future warning you of whether it is safe or not for travel to Bali/Indonesia.

Your family will also be advised of your status in the event you are involved in any disastrous situations. Look it up on the net and form your own opinion.


Listed below, you will find my recommended resort type hotels, providing everything for families, which you may like to give consideration to and their location for discussion with your travel agent.


  • Legian Beach Hotel
  • Hardrock
  • Kartika Plaza
  • Bali Dynasty Resort


  • Mandira
  • Padmar
  • Jayakarta
  • Royal Beach Seminyak
  • Semara
  • Nicsoma

Kids Clubs

Some of the Hotels above have kids clubs so make sure you ask your agent about them and also discuss which area and hotel would be the most suitable for you and your family regarding cost, location and easy walking distance to restaurants and the beach.


In recent times, it has become very fashionable to rent a Bali villa for your holiday. I have to say this is a fabulous way to go, providing it fits within your budget or if you don’t mind sharing costs in a party of two, three or four couples, or even a large family situation.  The benefit for couples is you share the overall cost of the villa.  Each couple will have their own room and in most cases their own ensuite so this point is worth checking. Other benefits include security guards, secure in house safe, pool, privacy, TV, lounge, kitchen, sound system and room service from wonderful staff.

To stay in a top Bali Villa is truly one of life’s best rewards. The down side can be that you are on your own, stuck with each other and miss out on the social side of meeting other people like you do at a hotel resort. However, I do honestly believe, once you have experienced this type of living, you will never go back to the hotel scene. Enjoy!

In my opinion, your family will be very happy with this choice of accommodation because you will have your own private pool and you can buy all of your blow up pool toys and safety vests at Carrefour Shopping Centre, very cheaply.

After using these items over a couple of weeks or so, the best way of disposal is to give them away or leave them behind should they become a nuisance at packing time.

Also you will have TV to connect games to and a DVD player for all of your new DVD’s and a sound system to play your new CD’s.

IMPORTANT: For peace of mind, I recommend you bring your own (Approved Australian Quality) arm floaties for your childs safety.

The fridge supplied in your villa is normally of good size to store your beer and wine. Carrefour shopping centre on the top floor isle number nine is a good place to start looking for your requirements.

If you do decide on a villa and you have little ones unable to swim, I suggest you book a villa with an optional security pool fence and possibly a professional nanny to take care of the situation.

Very Important: It is a good idea to ask if the nanny can swim. I also suggest you ask for some written proof of her capabilities and or ask her to demonstrate her capabilities or both.

Remember: this holiday is all about relaxing.


Tours to all parts of the island can be arranged by contacting any of the following tour companies.

Bali Discovery Tours www.balidiscovery.com/   Bali With Kids www.baliwithkids.com/    E.R. Tours (A complete guide to having fun in Bali) www.ertours.com

Bali Success Tours (Highly recommended) Australian owned.

  • Email: [email protected] Website: www.balisuccesstours.com.au  You will be amazed with what is on offer with this tour company.
  • It is as well to know pre booking tours from home can be cheaper than booking in Bali.

Waterbom Park

  • www.waterbom-Bali.com

Safari and marine Park

  • www.balisafarimarinepark.com (A must do)

White water rafting

  • Very safe.
  • www.whitewaterrafting..com

Bird/Reptile Park

  • www.bali-bird-park.com/

Bali bike rides

  • www.Balibike.com ph 978052

Learn to surf

  • Rip curl surf school. Jl.. Arjuna, Kuta. Ph. 735858
  • Odysseys Bali surf lesson is located at Mercure Kuta Hotel Arcade.
  • Jl.. Pantai Kuta, Kuta.
  • Phone. 7420763 Or 7411856

There is lots of information to do with family fun provided by the tourism people and brochures are usually readily available at most hotels and villas.


Following are some tips which will help you with your research on how to keep everyone happy and also what to take and what not to take to Bali.

Bali equipment hire. The rates are cheap and it’s effective considering you don’t have to carry this lot up and back to Bali.

They cater for strollers, cots, cribs and even car seats and more. Arrangements can be made to have whatever you want delivered to your hotel/villa or direct to the airport. Phone mob. 081933061593

  • Playground and Family Restaurant. www.elparquebali.com/ (Brilliant)
  • Natan Hospitality (Hiring) www.natanhospitality.com/servicefacilities/ (Excellent)
  • I[email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • www.balibaby.com
  • Ben’s Bali exclusive nanny service. ( Important...ask if the nanny can swim) You may also want to see a demonstration of how well she can swim and some written proof of her capabilities in this regard before you committ to their services.
  • [email protected]
  • Phone mob. 087861356507.
  • baliforfamilies.com



Nusa Lembongan is a small but idyllic island paradise, which can be reached by just a thirty minute boat ride from the east coast of Bali.

One million Australians visited Bali during 2014, representing the highest number of tourists to visit the island. Nothing unusual about that, but only a small percentage of that number find their way to this best kept secret location. Nusa Lembongan.

Although I have been to Nusa Lembongan in past years, I am not as familiar with what is on offer on the island today,when compared to my knowledge of Bali.However, I do have some good news for those of you who would dare to consider a change of scenery on your next tropical holiday.

The good news is, there is an Australian owned family company known as THE LEMBONGAN TRAVELLER operating in Lembongan. If given the opportunity, they will take great care in organising all of your planning, which will ensure you of a great start to your first-time visit.

Please visit their excellent website for a complete and interesting coverage of this beautiful island paradise.

www.thelembongantraveller.com     E: [email protected]   Ph: +61 419 947 594

Should you be excited and interested to learn more about The Lembongan Traveller from the above information, it could be in your interest to mention you read about it on this website  www.holidaytobali.com.au


Handy Family Tips:

Please take the time to ensure you read and understand all of the other important issues listed under 22 headings, pertaining to family situations. 

Take a good small torch. Blackouts happen and also most back streets are poorly lit.

Pack some aqua ear and ear drops. Ears can and do become infected from pools.

Large shopping centres like “Carrefour“(carefore) cater for all or most baby and family requirements.The best way to get there and back is by taxi. Taxis are very well organised at the centre and there are plenty of them for your return.

I sincerely hope these suggestions are of some help when planning your first family holiday to Bali.

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