Everything you need to know for your first Bali holiday!


Thankfully, Bali has recovered well from the bombings of 2002, 2005.

The upside of these outrageous and tragic events is the much improved security systems, which have now been introduced throughout the islands densly populated tourist areas.

Being a first time visitor to Bali, you will be impressed with how the Balinese and Indonesian government have approached tightening all areas of concern regarding security.

You can be assured your safety is the number one concern with the Balinese and the Indonesian Government, which is evident at the airport, busy shopping areas, beaches, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

We all have our own opinions on how we can avoid a similar tragedy happening to us and if it helps in any way the following is my own personal opinion of how I think you may avoid potential trouble spots in Bali.

Firstly, keep your wits about you at all times and in particular at night. Avoid drunken crowds at some of the most popular nightclubs and bars.  Avoid the most popular and busy restaurants in built up areas particularly late at night.

Unfortunately, you can’t afford to drop your guard for a moment these days before someone will take advantage of your condition, like laced drinks for example, pickpockets, prostitutes and drug dealers. Remember all of these characters are on duty at a time when you are often off duty.

You will be just fine, providing you are aware of your own situation at all times, so be alert and have lots of fun in good company and do everything in moderation.

The sight of the gaol at Kerobokan is a grim reminder for all of us to behave while we are on their turf. The chances are, you will be driven past it on a tour one day and then you will see exactly what I mean.

How to be a Smart Traveller:

I advise you to consider the following for your own safety, as well as consideration for your family.  Register your intended trip with smartraveller.gov.au.

The benefit of becoming a free member of Smartraveller is your registered known whereabouts in Bali should the government be alerted to something untoward is likely to occur i.e tsunami, earthquake or terrorism. In this event, smartraveller will have your Bali address and phone details to give you advance warning and help get you out of the area as soon as possible if something was about to happen. In addition to this, you will also receive emails in the future warning you of whether it is safe or not for travel to Bali/Indonesia.

Your family will also be advised of your status in the event you are involved in any disastrous situations. Look it up on the net and form your own opinion.

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